About the Lab

The Loneliness Lab is an 18-month project to accelerate action towards making London a less lonely city to live in for many people.

We want to know what it takes to create places and spaces that give the people who live, work and play in our cities the connection they need to lead a happy and healthy life.

Starting in October 2018, with a week-long innovation ‘sprint’ the Loneliness Lab will identify, develop and test solutions that tackle loneliness and isolation in our cities. Specifically we are focusing on ways to increase connectedness through how we design places and the built environment.  At the end of the Sprint, the ideas with the most potential will be developed into pilot projects and tested in locations around London throughout 2019.

The Loneliness Lab, established by Lendlease in partnership with Collectively, will bring together community groups, NGOs, Local Authorities, businesses, designers, artists, and importantly people experiencing loneliness.  Although many organisations already exist to help isolated people on a day-to-day basis, we believe more needs to be done to design-out some of the causes of social isolation and loneliness in our cities. This will only happen through collaboration.


Founding Partners


Lendlease is behind some of London’s largest and most exciting mixed-use regeneration projects such as Elephant ParkInternational Quarter London, the Euston Estate, High Road West and the Silvertown Quays Partnership. Recognised as the ‘UK’s Most Sustainable Residential Developer’ by the NextGeneration Sustainability Benchmark for setting new standards of sustainability and customer engagement for two consecutive years in 2016 and 2017. Lendlease has the experience and scale to make a fundamental improvement in the way planners, architects and builders create spaces that reduce the causes of social isolation and loneliness. Lendlease has initiated the Loneliness Lab and is providing funding as well as committing resource from their employees to lead on pilots that emerge from the Lab.

Collectively is a non-profit with the remit to unlock collective action on the Sustainable Development Goals. Collectively facilitate programmes and experiences that build individual and collective agency for change and bring diverse organisations and participants together to collaborate and take action on issues ranging from loneliness to workplace inequality. Collectively are designing and facilitating the Loneliness Lab.

We are actively looking for more collaborators to join us, by providing research, insight or support to bring our pilot projects to life. If you are working on this agenda, or are interested in being more involved in The Loneliness Lab please get in touch.